The Girls Wearing Rainy Days Clothing

The girls exclusively wearing Rainy Days Clothing – scroll down for photos and be sure to visit and like our Facebook Page for more insights! Real girls wearing real, everyday clothing.

The Girls.

Don’t know what to wear out on a school day, or on a night out with friends? Well check out our styles, (from left to right) The Lily, The Autra, and The Laila.

20131123_192414 - Copy

The Autra. She should have been roaming Paris with her chic style, but she decided to shed some light on the cold Vancouver city instead. Chiffon shirt – $10.00.

20131123_192447 - Copy

The Laila. She’s a casual, jean wearing kind of girl, but not afraid to show her sweet side with her bold shirt and her green parka reveals a tougher side. Parka – $39.99. Chiffon shirt – $10.00. Handmade bag – $30.00.

20131123_192520 - Copy

The Lily. Nothing can stop this girl, she takes the world on in her heels everyday and pairs it with her trendy denim trench coat in the cold evening. Her handmade bag gives her look a softer side.
Denim Trench Coat – $25.00. Handmade bag – $15.00

20131123_192618 - Copy

One last look all together, a stylish and trendy group.

20131123_202119 - Copy

When the girls aren’t busy sharing their style sense on the streets, they are sitting by the fireplace, warm and cozy in their hoodies -$15.00 each.

20131123_210306 - Copy

Lily, wearing a new kind of t-shirt with a carved out design in the front, paired with her winter skirt. Laila, matching her cute and light cardigan with those new handmade shoes in store.
Handmade shoes – $25.00. Cardigan – $14.00. Lily’s shirt – $13.00.

20131123_210544 - Copy

Let’s take a closer look at Laila’s shoes, cardigan, and the believe bracelet she’s got on.

20131123_212501 - Copy

Lily, sporting a rocker style, playing it up with her handmade shoes and white t-shirt.

20131123_213901 - Copy

Anyone want a kiss? Well, Laila’s got the perfect blouse to share, nothing stands out more than red lips.
Blouse – $13.00.

20131123_214155 - Copy

A closer look at the red lips blouse.

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